Jowfe Oil Technology Company met with ZUL China

On Tuesday morning, 27/11/2018, a meeting was held between Jowfe Oil Technology Company, represented by Mr. Magdi Jibril Eldarissi, Chairman of the Management Committee and Mr. Fathi Khalifa, Member of the Management Committee for Manufacturing, Operations and Materials and the Company’s competent officials.

On the Chinese side is the team of ZUL, a Chinese company specialized in the production of chemicals and oil services.

The Chairman of the Management Committee welcomed the Chinese side and wished them a good stay in the city of Benghazi, which has become a target of international companies, especially JOWFE, which has become a figure in the oil service companies.

The participants discussed the cooperation between the two companies, where ZUL Chinese company made a presentation showing all the products and services it provides and the possibility of entering into a partnership between JOWFE and ZUL in up-mentioned fields.

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