• Solids control equipment services such as mud cleaner centrifuge and filtration machines.
  • Tubular Running and pulling services.
  • Inspection services – Field Tools and Equipment.
  • Machine shop services for the rethreading of pipes and subs, fabrication of Xover and oilfield tools.


Started production in January 1993. This plant produce Barite, Bentonite, Calcium Carbonites, and Cathodic protection back fill materials. Most of these materials are used in oil & gas well drilling operations with other applications in some industrial areas. The maximum annual productivity about 100000000 Kilograms.


Slick line Services, DST Drill Stem Testing, Production test services, 2, 3 phase and Multi phase follow meter, Fishing Services and Tool Rental.

  • Slick line Services.
  • DST Drill Stem Testing.
  • Production test services, 2, 3 phase and Multi phase follow meter.
  • Fishing Services and Tool Rental.


The main function of this department is:

  • Fluid Engineering / To provide chemical and mud additives.
  • Prepare the proposal for drilling wells according to the geological reports for each well upon client’s requirement / Final well report “RECAPS”.


Produce crushed sized crude salt packed in 30 KG sacks, in which to be handled and used for oil field. Started in 3/1992. Maximum yearly productivity reaches 9000000 Kilograms.


These products are added to drilling fluids to seal fractures and pores in permeable low – pressure, formations, to prevent loss of drilling fluid into the formations encountered while drilling, Such as Mica, Wood fiber, crushed nut shells (classified as fine – medium – and coarse), Packed in a proper required manner to meet customer satisfaction. Started, production January / 1991 and the maximum yearly productivity reaches about 3000000 Kilograms.


JOWFE offers Mud Logging services with real time data acquisition and monitoring of data to detect hydrocarbons in drilling mud and drill cuttings. monitoring of drilling plus wellsite geologist.


The plant is classified as a batch process plant started production in 09/1992 It produces liquid, specialty chemicals which are used in oil well drilling operations, crude oil treatment processes, gas treatment plants, refineries, and for many other industries. It can also produce chemicals for soap, detergent, paint, and dyes, etc. The average annual productivity about 5 000 000 Liters depends on the required products.

Specialty Chemicals Services

This section provides services for oil and gas treatment in industrial processes by using specialty chemicals which AER produced in JOWFE. ‘SL.P.P such as demulsifies, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides, flow improvers, oxygen scavengers and treatment of cooling water systems .

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