Chairman’s Message

Greeting and After,
JOWFE Oil Technology company, since its inception, had a positive impact on the oil services market in Libya and continues to do so, as it has directly contributed to breaking the monopoly of services by foreign companies and as it is owned by the National Oil Corporation, the full support was and till giving to the NOC companies and all joint companies in Libya. Behind this support by generations of young Libyans who were trained by world-class experiences, which were called by the world’s rival companies in the field until the name of the hollow was accompanied by the school.
I am proud that I was one of her students and I was included in it until I became the manager of her operations before I move to National Oil Corporation.
I would like to address a message:
First for all employees of the company: we work together to improve the level of our services, raise the competitiveness of ـJOWFE, enhance and develop our potential.
Second for producer companies: we will do our level best to meet your needs and earn your trust.
Third to partners: Our success is an extension of your success and vice versa, we will be a difficult number in the middle of the oil services market.

Finally, it will be the motto of the stage JOWFE / forward

Thank you

Majdi Eldarisi
Chairman, Administration Council

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