Department of Health, Safety & environment At Jowfe Oil Technology; we give top priority to the safety of our workers, work machineries, product materials and of course to our environment.
We have visions & goals towards HSE, these visions & goals comply with international laws comply with local ones especially those set and approved by the NOC. The department of Health, Safety & Environment consists of three main divisions:

  1. Industrial Security division, which takes care of the inns & out of personnel & materials, safeguarding main building, machineries and materials also looking after the day-to-day time keeping for all the staff.
  2. Fire Division, which has the duty of safeguarding the company & its content from all fire hazards, maintaining fire equipment and training all staff on how to use them. This division had in the past put off a number of fires both inside the company & outside.
  3. Department of Environment protection & occupational health, this division specializes in providing PPE, Safety warning signs & stickers and all safety equipment. It also gives extra attention to the protection of the environment at all company sites and the neighborhood. It has also the task of providing annual medical checkups to all staff.
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Majdi Eldarisi
Chairman, Administration Council, Jowfe Oil Technology

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