Jowfe Oil Technology launches the G.P.P balancing materials plant and produces the first Bentonite Big Bag

With the full support of the National Oil Corporation and under the direct guidance of its Chairman, Mr. Mustafa Sanallah, it is necessary, maintaining and operating all Jowfe production facilities.

Jowfe Oil Technology launched the first manufacturing operations in the Balancing Materials Factory (GPP) in the industrial complex in Ganfouda, producing bentonite and calcium carbonate.

Under direct supervision of  Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Amami, a member of the Management Committee and Finance, Services, Jowfe labor union Chairman – members and a group of engineers, technicians and quality control engineers.

A ceremony was held in which the speeches praised the efforts exerted by the maintenance engineers and technicians who had a great role in the completion of maintenance operations at a time while the company is experiencing great difficulties and challenges.

The member of the Management Committee praised the support of the National Oil Corporation and stand by JOWFE until this moment The company was able to produce materials in the Balancing Materials Factory, which is one of the largest factories in North Africa to produce drilling mud Bitnite, barite, calcium carbonate and backfill used in cathodic protection

They also commended everyone efforts of the management committee of the company, headed by . Administration Committee Chairman Mr. Magdi Jibril Al-Darsi and Mr. Salem Al-Abani, member of the Management Committee, following their continuous follow-up and overcome all obstacles to maintain this great industrial edifice, which is an important tributary of the oil sector and the national economy.

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