Meeting Jowfe OIl Technology between Gmmra

A meeting was held on Monday, 2019/7/29 at the headquarters of Al jowfe Oil Technology in the presence of the Chairman and member of the management committee in charge and a number of officials and specialists of Al Jowfe Oil Technology with the Chairman and member of the Procurement Committee of the implementation and management of the GMMRA to discuss the purchase order issued by the device to Al Jowfe  to provide 650 tons of Backfill Material used in cathodic protection of the GMMRA pipe system. The delegation inspected the shipment that was produced and located in Jowfe stores and completed the receiving procedures by taking random samples in order to confirm the quality of the product according to the required specifications.

It is worth mentioning that Al Jowfe Oil Technology Petroleum Technology Company is the main supplier of the landfill used in cathodic protection of the GMMRA pipe system since 2008.

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