JOWFE AND MI-SWACI “Schlumberger”, Studying the project of cooperation and partnership

Meeting on Monday 7 January 2019 at the headquarters of JOWFE Oil Technology company in Benghazi,

Between JOWFE Oil technology company and M-i Swaco Schlumberger, in the context of the identification of the potential and capabilities of the two companies and the identification of the synergies between the two companies, where the capabilities of the company were reviewed in:

  1. Drilling Fluid Chemicals Field Drilling Mud
  2. Specialty Chemicals processing chemicals used in oil and gas production processes.
  3. Review of cooperation in the area of the solids control equipment services for drilling fluids Solid control equipment

The two parties agreed to study what was presented at the meeting to reach a cooperation agreement that would enhance the partnership project to increase the level of services and competitiveness of the parties in the available market for services associated with oil and gas drilling and production operations in the Libyan market.

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