JOF  COR 4050 (A.O.C.)
JOF-COR 4050(A.O.C.) is a liquid oil soluble corrosion inhibitor formulated to protect  drill pipe, tubing and other equipment. 
JOF  COR 4001
JOF-COR 4001 is a blend of Amines and Amphoteric quaternary compounds specially formu-lated to give good corrosion protection against water-based drilling fluids in the presence of oxygen.
JOF-COR 4001 is an exceptional product as most Amine-based corrosion inhibitors become ineffective in the presence of oxygen and so become ineffective in this type of drilling application.
JOF  COR 4010(O.H.S.)
JOF-COR 4010(O.H.S.) is a synergistic blend of Amine Salts and quaternary Ammonium compounds. 
JOF-COR 4010(O.H.S.) can be used in both drilling and production to provide good corrosion protection in the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide and Carbon Dioxide and organic acids.
JOF  COR 4017
JOF-COR 4017 is a water soluble corrosion inhibitor for general use in hydrostatic testing, completion and packer fluids.
JOF-COR 4017 contains a filming Amine, a Biocide and an oxygen scavenger and will give good corrosion protection in the presence of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulphide.
JOF  COR 4060 (C.M.B.)
JOF-COR 4060 (C.M.B.) is a  blend of Amines and surfactants in an Alcohol and water carrier solvent. It is used to control corrosion and metal loss during the use of heavy brines such as Calcium Bromide, Calcium Chloride and mixtures of both.
JOF-COR 4060 (C.M.B.) is specifically designed for use in this kind of heavy brine completion fluid because it combines the necessary properties of high solubility and corrosion control.  Most standard inhibitor formulations used in the oil field for metal protection are inadequate for use in heavy brine solutions, because they have a limited solubility, and cannot maintain a stable solution in the brine.  
Except for unique circumstances, if the inhibitor ceases to be soluble in the fluid it is protecting, then the inhibitive properties are lost.