Cementing Services - provides the supervision, mixing, pumping cement and other miscellaneous fluids in the oil or gas wells.
The cement is pumped down into well bore through drill string to provide isolation between the casing and the formation.
The zonal isolation is required to enable safe production of the hydrocarbon and to allow production from the wanted formation and prevent communication of the unwanted zones.
Suitable qualified personnel, materials, facilities and tools support these services.
Cement Services include the following:
* Primary cementing (casing & liners - light and heavy weight(
* Remedial and multistage cementing
* Bulk Material services.
* Acidizing & stimulation services.
* Laboratory services.
* Special and down hole tools services.
* Cement materials and product sales (cement, additives, acidizing & stimulation chemicals, 
casing hardware, packers, float equipment).