MUD LOGGING  provides oilfield services carried out in a laboratory unit conduct in a workman-like manner and accordance with the best possible standards of logging techniques.
The units were engineered to provides the following services at the well site:              
* Gathering examining describing logging and packing of drilled cuttings. Also preserve and  send cores to customers.      
* Recording of drilling parameters such as rates of penetration, mud pit levels, weight on bit  rev. per minute, pump rate, pump press. Etc.    
* Monitoring of gas content with hot wire and chromatograph.   
* Detecting and reaching to any critical changes in drilling operations by alerting the proper personnel and displaying pertinent information's in digital or graphic form.      
* Provide the latest in formation pore pressure and fracture interpretation.
* Provides the following reports as part of the service:    
- A daily morning report with data concerning mud logging drilling parameters, bits, mud  pumps,hole and drilling assembly, mud   checks, hydraulic calculations and various  recommendations.
- A composite master log together with an end of well summary at the completion of each well.
* Provide well site geologist services to the operation companies, on both onshore and  offshore rigs and we have a group of highly experienced and skills acquired up to twenty years in various fields of Libya.