JOWFE WIRE LINE SERVICE Units (3 Units) are custom designed for the manipulation of down hole flow control devices. And subsurface data acquisition These units and auxiliary components are  engineered to provide optimum performance under the most demanding conditions. The units come complete with all wire line tools necessary to perform wire line operations fro 2" to 3 1/2" tubing.
Large sizes are available from our base at 103A.
* Two WIRE LINE Units are truck mounted, air conditioned and desert equipped with sand tires and all wheel drive and one wire line unit is skid mounted.
* Wire line surface pressure control system (lubricator, stuffing box and blow out preventer  conform to N.A.C.E. specifications MR-0175-90 for H2S services.
* Standard Wire line tool string consist of  1 1/2" rope socket, sinker bar, and mechanical jars.
* WIRE LINE Units are operated and maintained by Wire line Technical Specialists, with a minimum of 10 years' experience and a Wire line Operators with a minimum 5 years'  experience.