The Fishing Department is located in camp B 103A the actual workshop is completely fitted out with all necessary equipment and redress of all types and sizes of fishing tools.
* Overhead Hoists, Jar testers and Break out Machine have all been installed specifically for this purpose.The facility also has the capability to redress all types of down hole Packers.
* Mud Motors, Hole Openers Under reamers  and Casing Scrapers.The shop foremen and  tool dressers are all highly trained technicians with many years of valuable experience.
* Fishing Department carries a vast stock of fishing tools such as Jars, Bumper Subs, Overshot, Spears Internal and External Cutters.   Mills and Shoes. In fact all the necessary  tools for any  Fishing operation in cased or open hole. All the Fishing tools carried in stock  are of quality manufacture. Lee Jars Bowen, servco and A1 are but a few of the superior  quality tools in use.
* A complete range of liner setting tools for both cardium and baker liner hangers together with  christensen core barrels from 4 3/4 OD up to 6 3/4 OD complete our range of down hole  tools.
*Each Fishing Engineer is an expert in fishing operations, Coring and the running of liner hangers.
* This combined with decades of experience ensures the customer receives the very best of service.
* As a back up to Fishing Department we have  a fully equipped machine shop and welding shop.
* Any repairs or modifications to fishing tools are undertaken by expert machinists to A.P.I. standards.
* Mills and shoes are redressed by qualified tungsten carbide specialists ensuring efficiency and durability.
* All Fishing Department personnel are on 24 hours call, the workshop is on permanent standby and all are ready for dispatch immediately.