Engineers with at least 10 years' experience as drilling fluids engineer.  
 Responsibilities are as follows:
* Ensure that the drilling and completion fluids are formulated to program specifications. 
* Maintain the proper mud properties. 
* Understand and follow the COMPANY's programs and procedures. 
* Supervise the rig crew personnel in the mixing of mud. 
* Conduct daily mud checks and write daily reports as instructed by the Company man. 
* Monitor all solids control equipment on the rig . Make recommendations for prepare,replacement or addition of equipment as required. 
* Maintain constant communications with Company man and Contractor Project Engineer.  
* Make recommendations for mud treatments as hole and mud conditions dictate.   
* Maintain inventory control of all mud products on location(s). 
* Be responsible for timely delivery of products needed at the wellsite.  
* At all times immediately convey and all concerns with regards to the mud system / wellbore Conditions to the Company man.